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My History Moments

My History Moments is a poignant short-form series, brought to you by the HISTORY® Channel Africa (DStv 186). Watch as notable South Africans share pivotal moments from their lives that have historical significance and profound personal meaning.

The emotional stories that tell of our nation’s incredible resilience, will not only resonate with many South Africans but will leave you feeling moved.

Moments That Moulded Us

Through the series of 4-5-minute ‘episodes’, discover the stories that shaped our nation, as told by the people who lived through these moments. 

From Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s experience of the first democratic elections, to Vusi Thembekwayo's reflections on lockdown and Malcolm Gooding's rebellious radio nights, My History Moments aims to preserve each unique narrative and the lessons they teach.

Tell us your story

Your experiences and stories matter! Join the conversation and be a part of our nation's history. Share the moments that moulded you.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka

X Marks the spot

Watch Yvonne Chaka Chaka, a multi-talented South African sensation—singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and teacher—as she reminisces about her history.

Prepare for a captivating journey into Yvonne’s life. From the shadows of apartheid to the electrifying moment when she cast her first vote in 1994.

Vusi Thembekwayo

COVID-19 Impact on Business

Vusi Thembekwayo’s journey from being a 2 x world champion in public speaking to running a series of investment companies is nothing short of remarkable.

But, when the pandemic hit, Vusi faced an unexpected reality. In this video, he explores the profound impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on his life and South Africa, shedding light on the harsh realities of lockdown decisions and their wide-reaching effects, as well as the chaos following the former President’s arrest and the devastation in KZN.

Dawie Roodt

Trusting Democracy

Dawie Roodt, a luminary in South African economics, takes us through the intricate maze of the nation's political evolution.

In this chapter of #MyHistoryMoments, Dawie unveils his transformative journey—from grappling with the concepts of communism in his youth to navigating the complexities of the army.

David O’Sullivan

Bisho Massacre

David O'Sullivan, a renowned broadcaster, writer and media consultant, shares some of his most profound moments as part of the #MyHistoryMoments campaign.

Get ready to witness his chilling account of the Bishu Massacre, where he found himself caught in the crossfire. Listen closely as he plays the recording, a bone-chilling reminder of that fateful day. The impact of those sounds remains etched in David's soul.

Gugu Aseda

No Black and White

Prepare for an emotional journey as we step into the compelling life story of Gugu Aseda, a TV Executive, who bares her soul in this gripping episode.

Gugu shares her journey from a township childhood amidst adversity to pivotal moments in the early 1990s that changed her life forever. This is a story that will touch your heart and leave you inspired.

Pitika Ntuli

Eating my Art

Pitika Ntuli has made a name for himself through his impressive sculptures, captivating poetry, exceptional writing, and distinguished academic career.

This is his story of resilience and the power of art. Pitika recounts his harrowing years in solitary confinement, where creativity became his lifeline.

John Robbie

Facing Evil

John Robbie, a former Ireland international rugby union player an esteemed sports reporter and talk radio host, reveals a jaw-dropping revelation in this episode of #MyHistoryMoments. In a pulse-pounding moment, John shares his encounter with Eugene de Kok, a notorious hitman, during a parole debate. When they met, Eugene dropped a bombshell.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the #MyHistoryMoments conversation.

Malcolm Gooding

Youth Revolution

Malcolm Gooding, a seasoned South African voice artist, broadcaster, and television presenter, takes us on a journey back in time, to an era where music was more than just melodies—it was a message.

In this episode of #MyHistoryMoments, discover how he navigated the strict broadcasting rules, and why some tracks were more than just music—they were acts of defiance. How did he manage to play the forbidden for seven years?


Explore the memories that have shaped your life and your community. Whether you remember the songs that were once silenced, where you stood during a pivotal South African event or a life-changing moment, we want to hear them all. Tell us your story on any social media platform using the hashtag #MyHistoryMoment. Let's share the untold stories of our nation together.