Rarely does a decade begin as dramatically as the 1990’s. The world was just catching its breath after the fall of the Berlin Wall when a series of extraordinary events crowded across the world stage. The collapse of East European communism, the freeing of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, the reunification of Germany, the Persian Gulf War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In the United States, the election of Bill Clinton over George Bush signaled a political changing of the guard as the Greatest Generation was ushered aside by the Baby Boomers. Grunge, Hip Hop and boy bands defined the decade musically as artists like Nirvana, Tupac Shakur and N’Sync provided an almost dizzying variety of music. And of course, everything from culture to commerce was irrevocably altered as the world went online with the invention of the Internet and the World Wide Web. AOL sought to connect everyone, Microsoft seemed to dominate the world and Y2K threatened to bring it all to a crashing halt.