From Robert Kenner, the Oscar-nominated director of ‘Food Inc’ and ‘Command and Control’, comes the little-known story of Skunk Works. America’s super-secret organisation that for decades clandestinely churned out the world’s fastest and deadliest weapons and technology. From its beginning at the dawn of World War II into the 1990s, Skunk Works produced a fleet of revolutionary fighter and spy aircraft in record time while under immense Cold War pressure. These warplanes were built in secret hangars at the Burbank airport, tested at the mysterious Area-51, and have given America the edge in the skies for over 50 years. Engineers at Skunk Works created everything from the U2 Spy plane, capable of evading Soviet anti-aircraft missiles at 70,000 feet, to the record setting SR71 Blackbird, which once flew from Los Angeles to Washington DC in just 63 minutes. The only thing more incredible than the machines themselves are the stunning stories of their creation. With exclusive access to the Skunk Works archives, meet the engineers who created the breakthroughs that revolutionized aerodynamics and changed history forever.