Salvage Kings is an exciting new series featuring the demolition and salvage teams at Priestly Demolition Inc. in the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping job of tearing down buildings and racing against the clock to pull out anything valuable left behind. It’s a high-octane mission for Head of Salvage, Ted Finch, his right-hand man, Justin Fortin, and rookie Julien Savage, as they hunt for as many artefacts in ill-fated buildings as they can find, all before President Ryan Priestly and his demolition crew smash down the walls around them. Working in often dangerous conditions, the team hunts for any items they can sell, bringing life to the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” From century-old safes, to classic neon signage, to collectible toys, vintage bowling pinsetters, historic lighting fixtures, beautiful old-growth wood beams, or a 1951 Nash Canadian statesman Airflyte. The salvage team is always amazed at the hidden gems they find, as well as the stories behind them that would have otherwise been lost to the past. But the salvage team’s job isn’t finished until they’ve taken their finds back to the yard and turned their rubble into riches.