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HISTORY offers substance and depth; it entertains, using startling visualisation to tell incredible true stories more thrilling than fiction. HISTORY’s unique view on our past and present, champions stories of defining human endeavour. We uncover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ shaped by fascinating and often surprising facts and circumstances. HISTORY is bursting with extraordinary, entertaining and ground-breaking stories and characters; inspired by yesterday, lived out today, shaping tomorrow. This is our history.

How to watch HISTORY

DStv 186

DStv Now: www.now.dstv.com



HISTORY is available in following territories:

North America
Latin America
Africa & Middle East
Asia & Oceania

About H2
History 186

Delve further into ancient cultures, famous figures from antiquity and monumental historical events. Let us entertain you in unexpected and exciting ways, revealing the connections and unearthing the little known facts of the world around us.