Confident. Brash. Eccentric. And now, the 45th President of the United States. Donald J. Trump shocked the entire nation when he won the US Presidential election in November, 2016. A man known as much for his ego as his hair, Trump has become an American phenomenon like no other.  But even as New Yorkers have watched ‘The Donald’ for the last 40 years, the business mogul and reality superstar has now vaulted himself onto the biggest stage in the world.  In this two-hour special, we’ll look at the entire spectrum of Donald Trump’s life, from his beginnings in Queens, New York through his rise in the business and media worlds and finally, to his entrance into politics and becoming the President of the United States.  But how exactly did he do this? To better understand Trump’s path to the White House,  you have to understand the story behind the man and the brand. We’ll take a look at his deals, his politics, and his marriages as the man who knows no limits has literally taken over the country.  We’ll also focus on Trump as businessman, and his early projects in New York City, his expansion to Atlantic City, his failures in the USFL, and his bankruptcies before making a comeback as a media star with ‘The Apprentice’ and ultimately, how he was able to win over American and capture the White House.  Not to be forgotten are Trump and his affairs, as we’ll examine his relationships with first wife Invanka, Marla Maples and Melania Trump.  In addition, we’ll focus on his early political history, from his clashes with Mayor Ed Koch to his flirtation with running for President in 2000 and 2012.  Covering the span of Trump’s life we’ll speak to those who know him and have followed and covered his campaign closely such as Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd, economist and informal Trump advisor Larry Kudlow, NBC correspondent Katy Tur and the self proclaimed ‘first person to interview Trump’ Nikki Haskell.