American Ripper SA 2

California attorney Jeff Mudgett is stunned to learn a gruesome family secret; his great-great-grandfather was Herman H. Mudgett, aka Dr. H. H. Holmes, the man considered to be America’s first “serial killer”. Jeff follows a bloody trail of hidden clues and historical facts which will hopefully strengthen his case and prove his theory that Holmes had traveled to England to commit the “Jack the Ripper” murders. We start on the night Jeff’s grandfather revealed the family’s dark secret, which then sparked an extraordinary investigation guiding Jeff to infamous sites all around the United States, including the tunnels under a Chicago post-office that now stands where Holmes’s “Murder Castle” once operated. Jeff will team up with a top-notch crime detective who will help link these two sinister historical characters together by connecting century-old clues with modern day methods of investigation. We watch the grisly story of H.H. Holmes and his 1000 targets unfold through disturbing, detailed recreations that are combined with first-person, doc-style story-telling, leading us all the way to England and back. Jeff is on the hunt to provide solid, never-before-seen, evidence that Holmes was, in fact, Jack the Ripper. In an attempt to finally shut the case on the greatest crime mystery in modern history, the remains of H.H. Holmes will be exhumed and subjected to a battery of tests to prove that he and The Ripper were truly one and the same.